Weight loss and body sculpting, high resistance exercise Pilates ring


Lightweight and portable Pilates ring

It can help you build a healthy body in your home, office, and travel.

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Product Features:

πŸ’“ High-quality materials: This Pilates ring uses glass fiber reinforced plastic inside, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, strong pressure without deformation, moderate elasticity, environmental protection and safety, and the exterior is designed with NBR foam stripes, which is beautiful and stylish, comfortable to handle, and high in slip resistance. The crescent-shaped handle, the groove arc fits the curve of the body.

πŸ’“ Lightweight and portable: This Pilates ring has a maximum diameter of 15 inches and weighs less than 1 pound. Very light and portable, it can be carried with you, and can also be conveniently put in your suitcase, whether it is exercise at home, office exercise, or travel.

πŸ’ͺSuitable for whole body exercises: clamp the legs, strengthen the leg muscles, tighten the abdomen; clamp the arms, beautify the lines, and drive away the "bye bye" meat; the back waist clamp, tighten the abdomen, modify the waist curve; press the chest, clamp and grip Hold the ring to increase the strength of your chest and tighten your arms; the clip ring on the back beautifies your back and relieves shoulder and neck fatigue.

πŸ’— Multiple colors: This Pilates ring is available in four colors: purple, pink, blue and black to meet different aesthetic needs.

Size: 75 * 55 * 45 cm/29.5 * 21.7 * 17.7 inches.
Weight: 0.28 kg/0.6 lb
Color: purple/pink/black/blue

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