Wall Mount Key Storage Secret Box And safe

$39.99 $89.96

Wall Mount Key Storage

Secret Box And Safe

The secure, wall-mountable key safe can hold up to 5 house keys.

4 digit combination can be set and re-set to your own personal code and then share and revoke where and when required.

Easily mountable to any surface, all fixing hardware included.


  • Wall-mounted design key lockbox, a better, more secure solution for keys storage


    • 4 resettable digit dial, it offers passwords up to 10,000 combinations, safe and reliable

    • Made of aluminum alloy, a solid body can withstand hammering and sawing

    • Don't have to carry keys when you go outside, convenient for any other authorized person to use the key

      Instructions for use:

      *Open the key box

      1) Slide the shutter door to reveal the turntable and door release button

      2) Rotate the dial to the current combination (default is 0-0-0-0)

      3) Press the door release button

      4) Open the door completely and add or remove the key

      5) Close the door, realign the combination dial to lock the door, and hide your combination

      6) Close the rolling door

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