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This Painting Tool Gets You Perfectly Straight Edges In Seconds!

  • Painting the edges of walls is one of the most dreaded tasks known to mankind!
  • Easily paint all of your edges with ease without the need for a paintbrush. 


Plus, no need for taping the edges!

How does it work?

The EZ Tool hooks up to your paint sprayer and features a roller on the end of it that you roll along the edges of your walls as you spray the paint.

Not only does it roll along nicely to keep you moving forward, but it blocks all the paint that would have gotten sprayed onto your ceiling or walls that you don't want to be painted.


✔️  This rolling painting tool for perfect cutting.

✔️  Works great for cutting in around windows, and roof lines. 

✔️  Capacity to paint 30 feet of edges within 15 seconds.

✔️   Eliminates time-consuming masking and cutting in with a brush.

✔️   Easily attaches to an extension pole to decrease ladder work, does not require taping around edges.

Customer questions & answers:

Q. This will work with Graco 390?

A. It can work with all spray guns

Q. Will this spray guide work on the Graco x7

A. Yes, this will work with that unit.

Q. Dear all, does it fit in Graco 390 and Graco mark iv? thanks.

A. This can be used on that paint spraying unit, as long as you are using a standard airless spray gun with a 7/8" thread

Q. Hi, I have a Wagner 625w, it does not have a pressure control so is there any way I can use this accessory with it? Thanks

A. Not an easy tool to use but you can use it regardless

Product Specification:

Materials: Alloy
Weight: ~ 0.6kg

Package Includes:

EZ Painting Spray Guide x1 (With airless spray nozzle head, Edging Disc, and Handle)

Cut in using your air sprayer without the need for tape or the use of a brush!


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