Robotic Self Swimming Fishing Electric Lures



Bionic Swimming lure - Suitable for all kinds of fish

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our robotic fishing lure is made of high quality environmentally friendly hard plastic, exquisite coating, and metal hook set. Engineered and programed to perfectly mimic real fish movements. Exclusively crafted and assembled in USA.

    EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES: Auto-Swimming Lure is a mechanized, self-propelling fishing lure that is electronically programmed to swim like a real fish. Brilliant pattern, realistic fishing poppers with life like swimming action to attract larger predators. Short charging time and longer work life. Easy and joyful fishing experience with this artificial electric fish bait. Convenient charging via USB port.

    PERFECT CHOICE: Simple and happy fishing experience with this artificial electric fishing lure. Ideal for different kinds of species. We proudly provide best fishing lures with largest color selection and these lures come with decent hooks. It is durable and eco-friendly material. Like a real fish in the water. - Perfect Christmas Gift for men


  • 【Fishing lure】Packing List:1x Robotic Swimming Lures ,1x USB Cable,1x Float,2x Spare propeller,8x Leader Line(15/20/25/30 cm),1x box.

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