Psyche'D Tapestry - You're Not Even High Yet


Dude... is that piece of cloth is calling me?

Okay, social stereotypes aside...

This unique tapestry does give out an "out-of-this-word" look.

Showing off vibrant chromatic colors and interesting patterns...

Psyche'D Tapestry is a great art piece that will light up any room it's placed in.

And I'll let you in on a little secret if you come a little closer...

Whispers* It'll give you the full 100% of your money's worth when you stare into it while you're on that "good ****".

"You won't even need to get high to see them moving!"

  • Attention to Detail - Appreciate the vibrant colors and contrasts that will help you dive into its world with the power of your magic "green" friend.
  • High-Quality Fabric - Soft to touch and very durable fabric that's easy-to-clean.
  • Conversation Piece - The vibrant colors are impossible to miss out on. This clothing is sure to get compliments and even spark interesting conversations while you're sober.
  • Large Size - Covers any area you place it on to make it seem less empty and more IN YOUR FACE!
  • Perfect Gift - It's the perfect gift to give to any friends or relatives who digs the trippy vibe! Just don't give it to your grandma... (Unless she'a hippy)

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