Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

$50.99 $94.99

The Multi-Functional Camping Portable Car Shower kit comes with a powerful shower head on one end and a water pump on the other end with an S-hook, a suction cup, a 5M power cord, and a 2M hose.

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor environments. The adventurer spirit resides within you. If you could only own one kit, this should be it. 

How Does it Work?

The Water Pump delivers High-Pressure Water that comes from a water resource like a bucket, and for it to work the 12V plug should be plugged into a 12v carport or any other 12v source. The only step after that is turning the switch on. The water pressure could be controlled in the showerhead.

Take a Shower Anywhere

The Portable Shower Kit comes with an S-hook, a suction cup with a shower holder so you could install it anywhere and Take a Shower wherever you were.

Compact For Outdoor Or Indoor Use

Ideal for Hiking, camping, BBQ, Travel, Summer Vacation, Kid Bathing, Flowering Plants, Doogy, Cat and other Pets cleaning, etc.   



Safe And Convenient

The portable shower is very light and easily carriable to fit in a suitcase and bag, backpack or trunk. The compact design shows a deep impression on campers or hikers lovers. 

Large Bucket With 20L Capacity

Generally, Bucket has shape and size with occupying space, But if you are a hiker or a camper and wants to go out for having fun. this product is ideal because it's lightweight and easily foldable. 

Attentions :

  1. The pump should not be directly put into the River or Sea because the impurities in the water may block the intake.
  2. Add enough water before use, so as to avoid overheating and burning of the motor.
  3. After Use, the remaining water in the pump and pipe must be removed.
  4. When the water level does not touch the pump, the switch should be turned off in time.

Package Include: 

1 X Sprinkler
1 X Water pump
1 X On/off switch
1 X 5M cable with 12-volt car cigarette lighter plug
1 X Hook up
1X Storage bag
1X Suction cup with shower holder

1 X Bucket


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