Kids GPS Tracker Smart Phone Watch


Kids GPS Watches and Trackers in 2021

Our children eventually grow up and become more self-reliant. Maybe they’re riding the

bus to school by themselves, going to a friend’s, or just spending more time alone. This

can be concerning for any parent used to being with them all the time, ensuring their safety.


We need to find other opportunities to keep a watch on them (pun intended), and we

know we can’t keep them at home indefinitely. The first idea is undoubtedly a smartphone.

However, your child may not be responsible enough to hold their own phone based on their age.

So, a GPS watch is a suitable option. You won’t have to think about them misplacing it the

way they could a smartphone because it will already be on their wrist when they’re out.

We’re not just about high-end smartwatches. Indeed, we aim to cater to all budgets.

The first on our list of kids GPS watches is pretty adorable, plus it offers a lot for kids ages 4 – 12.

The watch helps you keep track of your child’s whereabouts, ensuring that they are secure and within sight.

With the do not disturb feature, your child can happily wear it to school. It has many useful features, including a camera, two-way call,  handy flashlight and one game, in addition to being waterproof.

Bring the peace back into  your life and make parenting less stressful with this kids gps samrt watch.


from live location tracking to voice chatting to actual phone calls, our kids GPS tracker

does it all. With this GPS tracker watch, your child can save and dial up to 13 different

numbers. In addition, our kids smart watch is features a LCD touchscreen display and

works like a reat smartphone.

With the active sim card on the kids smart watch and GPS functionality, your chil's

location is updated every 4 to 6 minutes so you are fully aware of exactly where your

child is. In addition, you can set custom forbidden hours on the watch, to ensure your

child pays attention in classes when needed instead of focusing fully on the kids GPS

tracker watch.

we know just how wild kids can become, especiall during playtime. Our kids smart

watch was built with supreme quality silicone and has the ability to last rough

situations and impact. In fact, the silicone on this GPS tracker watch is non-toxic and

waterproof, meaning it will cause no harm to the child.

Package Content
1X kids GPS tracker smart phone watch
1X User Guide
1XCharging Cable



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