Handheld Pool Vacuums

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Remove Leaves, Dirt, And Debris From Your Pool!

This is the Best pool vacuum that quickly collects underwater debris without bulky hoses, electrical cords, or requiring connection to a pool’s filtration system. Also, works great as above ground pool vacuum for the large leaves that may be floating on your pool. 

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The untethered, submersible swimming pool vacuum connects to any standard pool pole and weighs less than 2 lbs., providing optimal maneuverability.

Its internal high-flow pump quickly removes detritus from pool walls and floors, cleaning up to 1,171' sq. per hour.

Handheld Pool Vacuum, above ground pool vacuum

Works With Any Standard Garden Hose (Hose & Telescopic Pole Sold Separately)

Large Profile Design

The large-profile vacuum features a center opening that accommodates capturing large loads of leaves. The built-in quick-disconnect adapter fits any standard size garden hose.

Powerful Suction

Once connected to your garden hose, the eight water nozzles, located on the underside of the vacuum, turn into mini jets that create powerful suction and help lift leaves into the vacuum bag.

Easy To Maneuver

Four multi-directional wheels aid in easily maneuvering the vacuum along the pool floor.


  • Specifically for removing large leaves and dirt and debris from pools
  • Large, 15-inch diameter vacuum with a handle made of durable ABS
  • The underside features 8 high-pressure water jets and 4 multi-directional wheels
  • Use with a standard garden hose and standard 1-1/4 inch pool pole, sold separately
  • Includes 1 reusable all-purpose leaf bag. NOTE: Garden hose and telescopic pole sold separately. Please refer to the embedded video on this page for instructions on attaching the leaf bag to the vacuum

NOTE: For use with any standard telescopic pool pole - sold separately.

above ground pool vacuum

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