Expandable Faux Privacy Fence

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Beautify your yard while creating instant privacy in minutes, with our faux Ivy expandable privacy fence with willow wood frame.


Easy to clean with water, does not need to water like real plants, does not require any maintenance. The benefits of our product are very simple installation, minimal tools needed, maintenance-free, realistic fashion looking and it's strong/durable.

ūüŹ°The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the wooden fences can be fixed with tie or wire.¬†Simply arrange them to make your garden look different.

ūüŹ°This retractable wooden fence can¬†be used for shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks and other places for holiday activities with green vines,¬†which is an excellent view.

ūüŹ°It won't fade,leaves are made of¬†100% PURE virgin non-recycled polyethylene materials,¬†finished with commercial standard UV stabilization, which¬†is the key to be green forever, leaves are attached to frame.

ūüŹ°No maintenance, no watering, no trimming, easy to clean with water, unlike real ivy were rodents nest and infest.



  • The stretchable fence has an unstretched height of 40cm;¬†
  • when the width is 1m, the height is about 37cm
  • when the width is1.5m, the height is about 35cm
  • when the width is 2m, the height is about 30cm


  • you can use the expandable faux ivy trellis¬†horizontally or vertically,¬†blends beautifully with natural landscaping,¬†hide unwanted areas.

  • It creates an intimate ambiance in your garden,¬†expandable to create an instant privacy¬†fence screen¬†covered with faux ivy leaves,¬†flexible,¬†expands¬†or¬†contracts¬†to your desired dimensions and privacy.

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