Electric Sonic Dental Care Scaler Tooth Calculus Remover

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This Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Kit supports high-frequency vibration ultrasonic tooth cleaner can easily solve most of the oral problems from even the hardest reached areas to protect your teeth and gums healthy, such as dental calculus, tooth bacterial plaque, tartar, and stains.


* High-frequency vibration (20,000 times/min), combined with professional tooth cleaners, can effectively remove stubborn tooth stains and calculus.

* Comes with LED lights, illuminate every corner of the mouth and teeth, and clean more effectively.

* 3 modes, switch as needed: whitening mode (strong cleaning), normal mode (daily care), soft mode (detailed processing).

* 304 stainless steel material, safe and hygienic, precise arc conforms to the root of the gum, cleaning is more convenient. ~ IPX6 integrated whole body waterproof, rinse directly with water after use, safe, quick, and easy to clean.


Product Name: Dental Scaler

Charging mode: DC-USB

Working voltage: 3.7~4.2V

Maximum rated current: 130mA

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Use time: 5 hours

Waterproof rating: IPX6

Working mode: 3 gears

Vibration frequency: up to about 20,000 times/min

Storage temperature: -10°C- 40°C

Dimensions and Weight:

Product size: 22.2*2.6*2.6cm

Package Contents:

Host handle*1

USB cable*1

Tooth surface cleaning head *1

Dental mirror*1

Certification: CE, FCC, FA

Warranty: 1 year

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