Creative Lava Lamp Night Lights Jellyfish Lamps Decor

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Creative Lava Lamp Night Lights Jellyfish Lamps Decor


Product Descriptions

1. Warm light: This lava lamp can bring you warm light in the dark. The product is heated to make the liquid flow.
2. Creative shape: The lamp body adopts a streamlined design, on the one hand, it is for beauty, on the other hand, it is for the convenience of liquid flow, which is beautiful and dreamy.
3. Strange light: As shown in the photo, you can see the luminous liquid flowing in the bottle.
4. Excellent material: The bottle body is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass, and it is reinforced. A slight bump will not cause breakage.
5. Nice gift: Whether it is for someone or for yourself, the effect of this unique product will satisfy you.

Material: aluminum alloy, tempered glass
Color: blue, red, orange, green
Power: 25W
Rated voltage: 110-220v

Package included:
1*Lava lamp


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