Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers Portable Electric Power Bank

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Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers Portable Electric Power Bank 


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When it's cold outside, these hand warmer keep you warm.

Say NO to one-time use hand warmers!

Hand warmers made from aircraft-grade light weight aluminum, ABS product and also lithium ion battery.

This rechargeable hand warmers can be made use of for warming hands, feet, waistline, tummy as well as knees. Helps sooth the discomfort of stomach aches, exhaustion, Raynauds Illness, syndrome, arthritis.

Our little hand warmer have integrated smart protection technology is provided with secure of power on, over loading, short circuit, etc.

The pocket hand warmer offer a complete charge to mainstream electronic gadgets on market, such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, various other Android phone, and various other digital gadgets charged through a USB cable.


    2 in 1 Hand Warmer Powerbank

    Rechargeable Handwarmer & 5200mAh Power bank

    This hand warmer acts as a phone charger too. When you're not using it to warm your hands, you can use it to charge your phone.

    How Cool Is This?

    • 2-in-1
    • Rechargeable
    • Strong Battery Life
    • Adjustable Heat
    • Warm Up Fast
    • One Button Control 



    • Excellent Extraordinary Quality
    • Built-in Safety IC protect system
    • Double-sided and consistent warmth
    • Heat Up Within Seconds 5200mAh
    • Rechargeable Handwarmer
    • Exquisite and Comfort
    • Ergonomic Design


    Double-sided Heating & 3 Levels of Heat

    3 heat levels:

    • Low temp-104~113°F(40~45°C)
    • Medium temp-113~122°F(45~50°C)
    • High temp-122~131°F(48~55°C)



    Rechargeable Hand Warmer Reusable Electric Warmers

    Helps Relieve Your Symptoms Such As Raynauds Syndrome

    This handwarmer can be used for warming hands, feet, waist, belly and knees. Helps sooth the pain of stomach cramps, fatigue, raynauds disease, syndrome, arthritis.

    The best gift for family and friends

    A good outward appearance, a exquisite package, unique technology make it to be a great gift, best love in this cold winter.

    Rechargeable Hand warmer


    Input: 5V/2A

    Output: 5V/2A

    Battery Capacity: 5200mAh

    Product net weight: 300g

    Size: 10.2*5.9*2.3cm(4in x 2.32in x 0.9in)

    Charging time: 2-3 hours

    Working Time: 4-8 hours (The lasting time depends on external temperature and heat settings)


    • 1 x 5200mAh hand warmer
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x Cloth pouch
    • 1 x Lanyard
    • 1 x User manual


     Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers Portable Electric Power Bank


    Disposable hand warmers which are made from iron, activated carbon, vermiculite, sale and cellulose  are often not very environmentally friendly. This is because heat is only produced after they gain contact with air (specifically oxygen) via the process of exothermic oxidation. Once their useful life has expired, they become a hazard to the environment. A little bit of latent heat of fusion by way of petroleum naphtha is not worth the environmental footprint. 


    Unless you buy multiple-use hand warmers, you are going to squander a lot of material, as well as continue to include in the world's garbage dumps. There is a simple remedy that offers warmer hands, devoid of waste and chemicals. This solution is electric hand warmers.

    This sort of warmer is placed between the two of your hands, and gives heat coming from both sides. When you take into consideration that with conventional hand warmers you require a different one for each hand, a good function.

    While you only obtain one varying warmth from standard hand warmers or even nucleation handwarmers, the rechargeable electric hand warmer has 2 different functions making it a good alternative. You can choose the lower of the 2 settings if you are just looking for a medium warmth. Conversely, if it is freezing cold and you desire the optimum warmth, you simply switch it to the highest temperature. With as much as 3 hours of heat per recharge, this device provides you convenience for as long as you could be in the cold outdoors.

    Electric Hand Warmers Rechargeable

    Charging couldn't be less complicated either. You can be done either via the standard alternating current plug in, or by means of USB attached to your computer. The charging time does vary depending on the charging source. It takes about 4.5 hours to charge if you are using the  wall socket, and about 12 hours for a full charge if you make use of the USB alternative. 

    An electric hand warmer is as very easy matched to your design like any type of device. Being available in the majority of any shade choice you can think of. There are both manly and also feminine colors so a woman or a man could make complete use one of these devices.

    One more advantage to these devices is you do not finish up with the unpleasant chemical scents the disposable warmers use. And also, the rechargeable batteries included likewise proceed that idea rather of requiring you to change solitary usage batteries.

    Rechargeable USB Hand Warmers

    For use at home or while you are out and about, these devices truly are pleasing aesthetically and also with their functionality. This electric hand warmer is definitely the alternative of the future, yet right now they are substantially costlier than the standard hand warmers. As modern technology developments, the price on these systems is specific to go down. However, if you likewise consider this has a lifetime of utilization, in time it will certainly spend for itself.

    These layers, however, are occasionally painfully ineffective, and the thickest sets of mittens can just do so a lot in keeping your hands warm while making them likewise useful (as thicker gloves covers will certainly hinder the motion of your fingers, making them much less efficient during, state, exterior work circumstances). There is, nevertheless, a little secret that just a handful knows around, a device that, though tiny, can go a long means in maintaining you comfortable: electric hand warmers.

    One need not worry about for how long these gadgets can offer warmth, as a typical battery will certainly supply several hundred hrs' well worth of comfortable heat, with the burner lasting for numerous thousand hours before a substitute is needed. This is the convenience offered by reusable hand warmers: offering long lasting, comfortable levels of warmth at a consistent price of launch for hrs on end. The simply electric based versions will last for an extended period of time also prior to needing recharging.

    The trick with electric hand warmers sits in the reality that they are not necessarily one of the most well-known outside gizmo available: just a couple of outdoor specialty shops will bring stocks of these devices, as well as even after that, supplies could be limited at that. This is maybe one of the most prevalent factor behind the truth that very few people use such a literally convenient device. This, however, must not be a dissuasion: if anything, the absence of popularity of these devices might even make them somewhat of a novelty among people that are not outdoorsmen.

    Some last points to keep in mind prior to you buy your very own electrical hand warmers: varying hand warmer models will certainly warm to various temperature levels, and will have various battery lives. Pick those that feel good sitting in your hands as well as your pocket (literally and also set you back speaking), and also you will have no trouble gaining the comfort just these can supply.

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