BeardMagic™ Filler Pen Kit

$24.99 $49.99

No. More. Patchy. Beards.

Ever look in the mirror and think, "if only I grew hair in this one little spot"? 

Fortunately, the BeardMagic™ Filler Pen Kit subtly covers every patch you may have on your beard! Different from the other dyes on the market, this beard filler kit ensures that it looks as natural as possible. 

SWEATPROOF & WATERPROOF - Whether you're caught in the rain or sweating on a hot day, feel secure in knowing the color won't fade away. As long as you don't touch it, it will maintain its appearance!

FORK-SHAPED TIP - Precise, fork-shaped tip to make each stroke look as identical to hair follicles as possible.

SUITABLE FOR ALL BEARD TYPES -  Effective & natural looking on all types of beards

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