Anti-Theft Multifunctional Backpack with USB Charging Port


This bag is stylish and functional 


  • External USB interface: Charge your phone, iPad, and other gadgets without ever having to open the bag.
  • Keep your laptop dry with this PVC-coated, waterproof polyester case.
  • It's lightweight and comfy thanks to padded shoulder straps with air-soft padding.
  • An anti-theft zippered pocket for valuables.
  • Daily walks, day trips, vacations, school, and camping can all be done with it.
  • Material that is both waterproof and scratch resistant.



-Brand: Mark Ryden
-Capacity: 20L
-Size: 45*30*15cm
-Weight: 1.14 kg
-Material: PVC, Polyester, Water resistant, Anti-theft




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