18PCS Professional Oil Paint Brushes Set, for Acrylic Oil Watercolor Body Paint


[Inspired by Expressive Freedom] - Perfect for acrylics, watercolor, gouache, ink, oil and face Nail Body Painting! When you order your paintbrush set, you’ll receive 15Pcs different shapes and sizes nylon brushes + palette knife + watercolor sponge + paint palette.[Easy to Clean and Reshape] - You can clean the paint brushes easily, just run them under warm water to wash out the paint, and use your fingers to gently reshape brush hairs.[Here! Paint Brushes Specs] - The paint brush set contains round, angular, filbert, fan, glaze, comb, and flat shapes. Sizes ½, ¾, #2 #4, and #8. Comfortable handles for any temperament, speed, skill or style. With easy transport nylon art brushes case!

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