151 Pcs Tile Leveling Spacer System , Wedges Tile Spacers For Flooring


Spacers have gained the most praises while it is inexpensive!

  • These Tile Leveling System-great tools for floor/wall setting. The system ensures flatness between tiles avoiding movements during the mortar setting.
  • This wall & floor tile leveling system is suitable for tile gaps between 2mm-6mm.
  • The Tile Leveling System is reusable, durable, wear-resistant, and perfect for DIY operations, it was easy enough to fix or remove with a Special wrench.
  • These Tile Leveling System tools are crafted to be easily installed, reducing the need for grinding and polishing. Improve tile installation speed and reduce.



Lay the first piece of brick, seam ≥2mm or above., and close to the second brick, Insert the T-pin along the crack.


Insert the T-needle along the crack, then rotate it 90 degrees.


Clamp the T-pin at the bottom of the two bricks.


Tighten the adjusting cover so that the two bricks are in the same level.


Before the cement or tile glue has completely dried up (usually no more than 6 hours), tighten the adjusting cover in the opposite direction, then rotate the T-pin 90 degrees so that the T-pin turns to a zigzag parallel to the tile.

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